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Fly Fishing Classes

Taught by Martin Pursch Hill Country fly fishing expert and owner of The Country Flyfisher Shop in Fredericksburg, Texas. For more information or to make reservations contact:

countryflyfish@beecreek.net - 830.990.9453
Martin Pursch

(1) What's it all about: Two Hour Class
$25, additional persons
$20 each

A two hour class to introduce you to fly fishing. We will cover some history of fly fishing, equipment, insect life, reading the water, and casting. We furnish everything needed for the class.

(2) Fly Tying - For beginners: Two 3 Hour Classes

A beginners class to learn fly tying. This hobby is an important part of our sport. Learning to tie materials on a hook and fool a fish can be an exciting part of fly fishing. We will study insects and different tieing techniques. We will furnish material and equipment needed.

(3) Fly Casting: One Hour

We offer a class for beginners to learn to cast a fly rod. We also offer a class for those that can cast but want to fine tune their casting stroke and/or learn the double haul and other casting techniques.